DIY Invitations

January 20, 2011

This weekend’s big milestone was constructing the invitations.   Rather than send out to a printer, we’ve decided to use the Paper Source, design and print our own.  I am very excited by the crafts day aspect of it..after several trips to the store I settled on a theme I liked and a color- navy […]


January 19, 2011

The big MLK weekend accomplishment was getting a start to the invitations. First we picked a look- Navy blue for my navy guy. A ribbon for my inner girlie girl. And after 3 trips to paper stores and visits to Tiny Prints and RedStamp we opted for DYI. Next was wording. Ed is Mr Formality. […]

Enzo has a playmate

Something NEW

January 16, 2011

Ed has been campaigning for months to add a new dog to the household.  No said Jenna.  Fast forward to today where our house, is a very happy house and the biggest highlight in our day is little Miss Tank.  Ed found her on the 3rd hour of meeting dogs at North Shore Animal Shelter […]

Naming a Puppy

January 14, 2011

When it comes to naming pets…I’m a bit hard pressed to find solid names. My kitty was named Kitty…and remained Kitty for two years. Until, ironically she moved in with my grandmother also named Kitty. Kitty the person assigned Kitty the Cat a name. Bootsie. So when we adopted our dog from North Shore Animal […]

One of a kind

Finding the perfect dress

January 11, 2011

 On Saturday, my mom came in from CT to meet me in NY and visit the lovely Fashion Avenue showroom for Modern Trousseau. Krista and Teresa woke up early on a Saturday to be there too…and with the help of the salesgirl April who had impeccable taste and a great ability to evaluate dress […]

Decisions, decisions

January 2, 2011

Today we decided to get a puppy for Enzo…or a young dog. Definately another IG. Unless it’s a lab. But a rescue for sure. I’ve yo-yo’d between options all day long. There’s a heartbreaking number of dogs out there of all breeds, ages and a staggering number of puppies. It’s impossible to begin to decide […]

Happy. New. Year

January 1, 2011

Happy: fundamentally to the core, in all things New: lots of changes ahead, new life, eventually a new apartment, new puppy? Year: what a year it promises to be…our wedding and honeymoon and now my baby brother has announced he will be getting married in July. Deb is getting married in June, and Andrea is […]