The last birthday as a free agent

February 26, 2011

Ed’s birthday brought us back to The Inn at Lake Joseph, where we’d spent a very happy labor day weekend.  This was our first weekend away with Tank and she instantly proved a great travel companion.  Not so much in the car…where her drooling took on monstrous proportions but in hikes in the snow, and […]


February 20, 2011

Enzo wakes up and starts pacing. I wonder why. Is he having an existential crisis? Contemplating his own mortality? Nope, turns out it’s massive upset tummy and Ed takes him out in the bitter cold for a walk. But, just in case, when they come back, and my cold little pup curls up against me […]

The Big Game

February 12, 2011

While America was prepping for the Superbowl, we faced the next challenge in the ultimate game for single women- wedding planning.  Our objective today was to get a relaxed, happy, picture for the Sports Section (the wedding announcement) that was “us”.  Our challenge- photos outdoors during one of the coldest, snowiest winters NYC has seen.  […]


Sunday in the Park with Shelly

February 6, 2011

Having several friends who are incredibly talented photographers, we had lots of options when thinking about our wedding.  Shelly however is part of our story.  When Ed and I first started dating she was working with him on a project- and was the standout bright spot of the endeavor.  The night Ed met my parents […]