Angus Style

November 30, 2014

Fiona had spent some time fitting into the chair…Angus saw it more as a stepping stool to an escape out the window


Babies 1st Thanksgiving

November 30, 2014

Papa made an amazing Turkey- the first Turkey the babies had ever tasted and a bigger hit than steak, ribs or chicken. Stuffing was an instant hit with Fiona and Angus grew to be a fan. It was a quiet peaceful and perfect night.


Think inside the box

November 14, 2014

Today’s best few minutes were watching Miss Fiona try and try and try to figure out how to climb into a chair and sit in it. She was focused, determined and totally optimistic even tho she never found the conventional solution to her goal. She’s a smart cookie.


Halloween Fail

November 8, 2014

Was buying 6 costumes EBay fueled overkill? Maybe. BUT with any fewer we wouldn’t have had a Bunny/Monster invasion or Sailor sightings to rival fleet week and instead our Halloween might have looked like this:


Again with the names…

November 2, 2014

If you read back a bit, you’ll see how naming a dog went. Imagine having the responsibility to name not one – but two humans. I was excited. I had been making baby name lists since I was probably in my late teens. Ed didn’t really want to play along. The perfect boy’s name was […]

Double Happiness

November 1, 2014

The twins genuinely enjoy each other – at 10 months old they already are happiest together and watching each other for cues on what to do next.