Again with the names…

By Jenna, November 2, 2014

If you read back a bit, you’ll see how naming a dog went. Imagine having the responsibility to name not one – but two humans.

I was excited. I had been making baby name lists since I was probably in my late teens. Ed didn’t really want to play along. The perfect boy’s name was Ed. And the first girls name we both liked resolved that, in his mind.

So every few days I would say “what about Sebastian?” And he would say “no”. And I would say “Vivianne is a gorgeous name you never hear any more” and he would say “we could name her binder clip”. “Lily?” I would counter “Binder clip” he would repeat. “Ruby, Scarlett?” “Binder clip”

Finding one name would be hard …finding two- impossible. But I persisted. Sent a list of over 200 I had liked from an online search. He liked none. None.

The issue was he really likes traditional names. And I really like names that they are unlikely to share with other kids. Which he thinks will get our children beaten up at school and make them unemployable. And it’s important to me that their name is unique to them…which doesn’t really bode well for a man who expects to pass his name on to his son.

We landed on Angus maybe as a joke of Ed’s who is a classic rock fan. And he probably figured I wouldn’t go for it. And when I did …well in a game of chicken Ed is the last man to blink. But here’s the thing- I love the name Angus. A very cool and sweet boy in my college was named Angus but otherwise I have never met one. So it was rare, had good associations and was cool. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame cool.

Grace was another name we both liked but as a middle name. Now that we had Angus we needed a girls name that went well with it. I love a lot of Irish and Scottish names. We found Fiona pretty quickly and I loved the name. Ed had come to Savannah. We had the happiest days at the Savannah Safari Camp in Sabi Sands and so there was also an emotional connection to the name.

As we drove to the hospital we still hadn’t agreed on which the girl’s name would be. And one would think that the person carrying twins could have the ultimate say- but Ed wasn’t buying that.

Here’s how to get the name you want for your children … be the one on the operating table.

Her name is Fiona.

Of course, it wasn’t a total victory- you do have to be fair in matters of love- so if you look at the birth certificate Angus’s first name …is Edward.

What do you think?

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