Happy Easter

He Thinks of Everything

April 24, 2011

Inside Ed’s Head are the grandest of plans, the sweetest of gestures and the most unbelievable capacity for creativity.  On Sunday I awoke in the suite at the Ritz Carleton Battery Park to realize that our room had a view not only of the Statue of Liberty- but of the very spot on the park […]

Late for Dinner

April 22, 2011

Our rehearsal dinner was a bit of an after thought. After some searching online we found several places with private rooms and prices that pretty much duplicated the wedding. Okay that’s an exaggeration but it took a while to find the right spot. Luckily Ed once again doggedly pursued every avenue and found Savore – […]

It’s all in the details

April 15, 2011

Our “something blue” will be Camp Chairs!  Central Park has very strict rules that we can not bring in or put down chairs for the ceremony…but they’ll make an exception for those who really need a chair…so we are armed with a few strategically placed camp chairs.  Ed’s also tracked down a Horse and Carriage […]

Who could resist?

April 1, 2011

Ed and I finally found a Friday morning we both had free to appear together in person (as required by NY State law) and pick up our marriage license.  As we watched the people there actually getting married my first thought was “who would get married on April Fools Day?”  My second thought was…a most […]

Flower Girl

March 26, 2011

Saturday started with Starbucks, and fortified by morning java, my personal flower girl Teresa brought me to the flower market in Chelsea.  I hadn’t been since the early morning runs for my mother’s flower business in high school.  No longer a huge series of connected warehouses there is now a single street with shop fronts- […]

You CAN get there from here apparently

March 26, 2011

Before heading to the theatre (we have a membership to the Round About Theatre Company this season which has so far churned out one mediocre play after another) Ed escorted me to the mysterious Southern extension of West End Avenue.  In all my years on the upper west side- I always thought it started at […]

How Sweet It Is

March 19, 2011

As we approach the final weeks before the wedding the details come into focus.  This weekend’s mission was to finalize the cake.  To that end we were invited to the East Village home of Indira The Sweet- her reputation  preceded her. Indira was the genius behind Jason Nunes’ grooms cake…a cake which is talked about […]

Against all odds

Wedding Shower followed by Floods

March 12, 2011

The first dress fitting was in Modern Trousseau’s Connecticut boutique, conveniently located 20 minutes from my mother’s house.  However as we prepared to leave for our 9am appointment we received a call fro designer Callie Tein that the rains that had showered down on my shower, combined with the heavy snows of January and February […]

Spectacular Shower

March 6, 2011

My closest friends left the city Sunday for Connecticut to attend my wedding shower.  Krista could not keep the secret…so I got to car pool there with Meg and Alice.  I was thrilled to have many of them visit my home for the first time.  My mom treated us to a lovely meal, a tranquil […]


Sunday in the Park with Shelly

February 6, 2011

Having several friends who are incredibly talented photographers, we had lots of options when thinking about our wedding.  Shelly however is part of our story.  When Ed and I first started dating she was working with him on a project- and was the standout bright spot of the endeavor.  The night Ed met my parents […]