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Before and After

January 1, 2014

Every week I left Ed a card updating him on the size and activity of the babies…and now and then we got a picture to go with it.  I kept staring at the images wondering how closely they resembled our babies…judge for yourself but I think they were pretty accurate!  And darn cute


A tale of two shoes

March 20, 2011

Ed was a good sport and joined in the shoe hunt Saturday after our Cake tasting. He showed unexpected endurance – adding Filenes basement to the list despite my promise of a quick shop. And there we found a pretty, practical and dare I say re-wearable shoe. He is a natural hunter- he stalked down […]


January 19, 2011

The big MLK weekend accomplishment was getting a start to the invitations. First we picked a look- Navy blue for my navy guy. A ribbon for my inner girlie girl. And after 3 trips to paper stores and visits to Tiny Prints and RedStamp we opted for DYI. Next was wording. Ed is Mr Formality. […]

Happy. New. Year

January 1, 2011

Happy: fundamentally to the core, in all things New: lots of changes ahead, new life, eventually a new apartment, new puppy? Year: what a year it promises to be…our wedding and honeymoon and now my baby brother has announced he will be getting married in July. Deb is getting married in June, and Andrea is […]

Adventures in Wedding Dress Shopping Continued

December 9, 2010

First appointment at a Boutique on Madison Ave- the sales girl was lovely and fun and full of honest, helpful advice.  The accessories are suddenly  coming into focus as an important part of the overall look.  JCrew Bridal had the most amazing belts and hats and silk flower accessories.  The shoes were also super comfy…even […]

Wedding Dress Fact Finding

December 1, 2010

Learned a lot my first day out.   1. Call first and make an appointment.  Otherwise you can just look…which seriously is just a waste of time and what the internet is for.  And no fun for the impetuous.  2. Probably not clever to have worn a BRIGHT RED textured bra and blue undies.  The […]

The Node

October 24, 2010

Listening to Chris Hardwick plugging his node network yet again I realized I should sign up. I get so much inspiration from his weekly nerdist podcast – might be time to stop lurking and start pitching in. Also I sorta suspect a project for this crew would be more satisfying in the end than working […]