Double Happiness

November 1, 2014

The twins genuinely enjoy each other – at 10 months old they already are happiest together and watching each other for cues on what to do next.

Before and After

January 1, 2014

Every week I left Ed a card updating him on the size and activity of the babies…and now and then we got a picture to go with it.  I kept staring at the images wondering how closely they resembled our babies…judge for yourself but I think they were pretty accurate!  And darn cute

Bashing Cherubs

September 10, 2012

The first day I walked into the kitchen of what would be our future home, I turned to Lee (our broker) pointed to the 11 little hummel-like figurines hiding in intervals along the kitchen walls and said “They have to be the first thing to go.” As Ed likes to remind me, there are a […]

oh, the power

June 10, 2012

With homeownership comes the power to change the things you don’t like. Being able to alter the environment- is AWESOME. We maybe got a little drunk with our new found power. Our first target: ugly shrubs. It all started in the backyard. There was a very ugly bush in the back right corner making the […]

The Stairs of Suburbia

June 7, 2012

Here is one design idea that has become (for me) the epitome of the iconic happy suburban home. The carefully tiered photo frames floating up the stairway. All perfect suburban family homes have one- look at Phil and Claire’s home in Modern Family and you’ll find it there. So as we start our own comic […]

1st Impression

June 7, 2012

We liked the wallpaper in the entry way so we just added some little touches to make it more personal. The winning feature are these little animal heads from Anthropology that remind us of our honey moon in Africa. It helps bring the room together. Next addition- if the mirror will fit (tape measurer says […]

Time Stands Still

June 6, 2012

Our first lesson in home improvement: Select an activity. Estimate timing to completion. Multiply by 5. Add in 3 trips to Home Depot. Do not start another project midway. Determine a “good enough” to stop mark. Average the husband’s idea of when that is, with the wife’s idea of when that is, and add back […]

Home is where the heart is

October 17, 2011

And our hearts are set on this very cute little dutch colonial in Wykagyl, New Rochelle. House hunting has been a great adventure. Every house we walk through has the potential to be ours…and our lives will be different depending on which house we ultimately choose. Ed predicts that where-ever we purchase, we are likely […]

Deb’s wedding

June 5, 2011

Ed and I had a great time at my college room mate’s wedding- it is our first since we got married ourselves.  Deb and I were planning our weddings at about the same time so to see her’s beautifully come to pass was a pleasure. Best of all, Ed and I could just enjoy the fantastic good, fun music, […]