Wedding Dress Fact Finding

By admin, December 1, 2010

Learned a lot my first day out.   1. Call first and make an appointment.  Otherwise you can just look…which seriously is just a waste of time and what the internet is for.  And no fun for the impetuous.  2. Probably not clever to have worn a BRIGHT RED textured bra and blue undies.  The right undergarments make or break the look.  3. A little makeup doesn’t hurt either.     But it was a productive first day out.  Teresa dashed out of work and helped me figure out what NOT to wear- the rejects included a few great designers …just not feeling it yet.

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  1. Lisa McKenzie says:

    You’ll have to add a category, Didn’t Seem Like a Good Idea at the Time (and it was). 1st entry: Abstaining from “a little makeup” while trying on potential wedding dresses beats staining said wedding dresses. If you must stain a wedding dress, stain a keeper…and wait until after the ceremony, darling.

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